SCST Downloads

The latest stable version of SCST is 3.2. The latest updates for it you can find it in the SVN branch 3.2.x.

You can also download prebuilt SCST modules for Scientific Linux CERN 5 (RHEL5-based), Ubuntu, Debian, Alpine Linux and openSUSE (spec).

Since recently, SCST allows to build Debian packages using "make dpkg" command. Previous instructions how to build SCST DKMS package for Debian-based systemd-enabled Linuxes you can find here.

As a complete SCST-based system you can try Enterprise Storage OS (ESOS).

There is also a well done user space port, which you can find here.

SCST version 3.3 is in release candidate features freeze in SVN branch 3.3.x. It is going to be released in few weeks.

The latest development version of SCST is 3.4. You can download it as well as target drivers and user space utilities directly from the SCST SVN. You can access it using either web-based SVN repository viewer or using anonymous access:

svn checkout svn:// scst-trunk

Also you can find in the SCST SVN the latest updates for the stable branches. More information about accessing SVN repository may be found here. Or, alternatively, you can download it as a GNU tarball from here.

History of the pre-SVN SCST development is available in SCST CVS repository, which is accessible using web-based CVS repository viewer, or anonymous CVS access.