ISCSI target driver iSCSI-SCST with iSER support

ISCSI-SCST is an iSCSI target driver for SCST. It was originated from IET, but then became a deep rework of it with a lot of fixes and improvements in all areas of performance, stability and functionality.

The latest improvement was addition of iSER support, thanks a lot to Yan Burman and Mellanox Technologies!

If you are an IET user before installation carefully read README files of both iSCSI-SCST and the SCST core. You can also use a migration tool developed by Scalable Informatics Inc., which will convert your IET machine to an iSCSI-SCST machine. See README for more details.

You can find the latest development version of this driver in the SCST SVN. See the download page how to setup access to it.


ISCSI-SCST has passed VMware certification as part of Scale’s Intelligent Clustered Storage technology developed by Scale Computing as well as VMware and Microsoft certification as part of storage arrays developed by Open-E, Inc and Starboard Storage.