Target driver for QLogic ISP chipsets

SCST QLogic This is an SCST driver for ISP QLogic chipsets commonly used in many SCSI and FC host bus adapters. It is based on Matthew Jacob's multiplatform driver for ISP chipsets, which has its own page at The update for SCST was made by Stanislaw Gruszka for Open-E Inc.

This driver operates on the same hardware as the qla2x00t target driver, but, comparing to version of it, has a notable advantage: support of 24xx (4Gbps) and 25xx (8Gbps) series of QLogic adapters. From other side, qla2x00t is simpler, smaller and much better tested on 22xx and 23xx, hence perform more reliable and, thus, is recommended for these adapters.

Since support of 24xx (4Gbps) and 25xx (8Gbps) series of QLogic adapters was added in version 2.0.0 of qla2x00t, users are encouraged to switch from this driver to qla2x00t.

The latest release is 1.0.2. It supports kernel versions between 2.6.16 and 2.6.32.

You can find the latest development version of this driver in the SCST SVN. See the download page how to setup access to it.